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Choosing The Right Rug Size For Your Living Room

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Choosing The Right Rug Size

Area rugs are an integral part of decorating and creating a cohesive look in the living room; however, it’s often a random selection.  The number one biggest mistake made with area rugs is it’s too small for the room and furniture layout!  The size of a rug impacts the overall feel and appearance of the room.  When the rug is too small for the room it looks uninviting; too large, it makes the room feel much smaller than it is.  The rug’s right size will bring balance, scale, and a finishing touch to the room’s appearance.

Here are a few general guidelines to help you out when laying your area rug in place.

Rug 2

A typical rug for the living room is 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’, a recommendation is to select the rug proportionate to your furniture size and configuration. 

Helpful Tip: To get a good visual on how the rug will look, measure out the space with painter’s tape.

Detail 1

For a large area rug, leave 10-24” of space between the rug edge and the wall; any closer will overtake the space and look very awkward – the exception would be if the couch is against the wall. If placing all pieces on the rug, leave an 8” edge from t

he furniture to the edge of the rug.

Legs of smaller furniture pieces should all be on the rug.

Detail 2

The area rug default plan is front legs of sofa and chairs rest on top of the rug, the back legs can hang of the back edge of the rug. Run the rug the length of the sofa leaving 6”-8” on either side of the sofa

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If you have a Specialty Rugs that are too small on their own, layer them on top of a larger rug.

Rugs smaller 4’ x 6’ are better in a smaller space such a kitchen, bathroom, or entry.

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The Floating Look – can be tricky – the rug will lay under the table only and not the seating.

If your rug misses the sofa by a few inches this is sort of okay, although not ideal, at most only 5” shy of the sofa.  Any smaller, and you will probably not be happy with the look. Area rugs smaller than the coffee table look awkward and really don’t serve any decorating purpose.

Detail 5

Sculptured or Unstructured Floating Rugs – layering a cowhide or     sherpa rug is a fun way to create a larger conversation area. Buy rugs proportionate to the sofa and majority of the seating legs on top of the rug.

A large room can be broken up into conversational areas with different area rugs.

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Incorporating the cost of a good quality rug, the right size is important when planning your living room decorating concept.  The right rug will tie the room together, create balance, and add a finishing touch in your living room.

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