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Our Staging Services

Creating a vision ... home decor

Home Staging is more than adding pillows to a couch, we create the desired lifestyle of targeted buyers in each home we showcase. Our comprehensive and proven home staging process will sell your home faster, maximize potential offers and reduce the stress of the selling process.

staged kitchen area - envision living here

Occupied Home Staging is a 3-Step Process

Step One: The Pre-Listing Consultation
  • This process will provide a personalized action plan for occupied homes before showcasing
  • A certified staging professional will meet with you and your agent to discuss your sales goal, budget, and timeline
  • The exterior is evaluated for potential improvements to enhance curb appeal
  • A detailed walk-through of your home will be performed to assess the function and condition of each room including; furniture, placement, flow, clutter, lighting, color, accessories, and any needed maintenance, repairs, and updates.
  • Focal points of the home will be identified as well as areas of opportunity.
  • The property will be viewed as seen through the buyer’s eyes
  • The assessment will present detailed options for preparing your house for market
  • CSP® Room Ready Handbook™We offer a comprehensive list of recommendations provided in the Room Ready Handbook™, designed to get your property market-ready - sold faster and for the most money possible
  • The consultation process takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on the size of the house

Consultation Fee: $250.00 - $450.00

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Step Two: The Preparation Work

The recommendations and preparation as outlined in the Room Ready Handbook™ work can be completed by you or your selected contractor. We can also provide contractor referrals to assist you in getting the prep work finished and ready for showcasing.

We schedule a pre-showcasing consultation for all occupied homes prior to staging day, which ensures the preparation work is complete and the property is ready for showcasing and everyone is aware of the plan and expectations for staging day.

Step Three: The Showcasing

Once we are on-site for staging, we require the entire house to ourselves for the day to complete the transformation process effectively.

While the property is on the market, we offer services to help maintain your property in a show-ready state for busy families living in the house.

Home Staging Showcasing Fee: $ TBD

Partial Staging

We introduce intentional accentuating touches into your home to entice targeted buyers.

  • We implement the staging plan outlined in the Pre-Listing Consultation to prepare your home to be market-ready.
  • We re-position your personal furnishings and accessories while integrating selected pieces from our inventory/supplier to create a redefined look designed to appeal to prospective home buyers.
  • This methodology is ideal for homes containing furnishings that complement the house but may need a little panache through some creative rearranging and implementation of color, texture, and lighting.
  • This is a practical option for sellers with a small budget for those who have suitable furnishings/accessories yet need some staging enhancement.
  • Service Fees are based on the number of rooms and accessories or furnishings used from our inventory/supplier.

vacant house requiring staging

Vacant Property Staging

Vacant staging respects that each property is different and will appeal to a specific target market and requires a refined approach to create a lifestyle brand to make the property real estate market-ready.

We meticulously appoint selected furniture and accessories to accentuate the attributes and personality of your property.

Step One: The Initial Property Visit

We meet with you and your agent to establish the most appropriate preparation and staging strategy for the property.

Step Two: Staging Proposal

We will provide you with a detailed proposal with our fee for service within 48 hours of the initial visit.

Step Three: Service Commitment

Once we receive your commitment and deposit, we will schedule a date for your staging and will forward a formal service agreement for your approval.

Step Four: Staging Day

We require the entire house to ourselves on staging day to complete the installation.  All our staging projects are completed in one day.

Step Five:  De-Staging

Upon notification of the exciting news your house has been sold, we will schedule a date to de-stage your property.

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